The Bridge at U.S. Pacific Fleet (USPACFLT) and MD5 announced the third annual PACFLT-MD5 Industry Innovation Fellowship, and three Dcode alumni companies will sponsor Navy sailors in the four- to six-week fellowship that kicks off in August 2018.

The participating alumni companies are HAAS Alert, Fieldwire, and Stardog.

The objective of PACFLT-MD5 Industry Innovation Fellowship is to integrate Navy sailors into these tech companies that will provide them with the experience they need to strengthen Department of Defense and Naval relations with industry. Through working with these three Dcode alumni companies, the government gains exposure to some of the best commercial technology, which could support its missions.

The focus of the 2018 PACFLT-MD5 Industry Innovation Fellowship is data interoperability.

Stardog is an enterprise knowledge graph platform that will, regardless of structure, examine mass amounts of data and make it look easy. Stardog unifies data and turns it into actionable insight without requiring anything more than clicking download, query, and go!

Fieldwire serves workers in the field, primarily in the construction industry, and offers a complete solution for lean project management. Fieldwire’s app does everything from manage communications to reduce excess work. Fieldwire synthesizes countless types of information from construction sites and makes more than 200,000 projects run smoothly.

HAAS Alert delivers responder-to-vehicle alerts to motorists and vehicles. Designed for emergency crews, technicians, and road operators, HAAS Alert provides data interoperability for organizations and traffic management tools for cities. HAAS Alert’s dashboard can be used on any device with a web browser, and the company announced in 2018 a new partnership with a leading designer, manufacturer, and distributor of emergency vehicles and school buses.


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