Sumo Logic participated in our 2018 Information Security accelerator and we are beyond proud of their accomplishments. Ben Baldi, Federal Account Executive, was kind enough to share his experience with us after completing the program.

This company is all about empowering the people who power modern business. Sumo Logic is the industry leading secure, cloud-based service for logs and metrics management for modern apps. They are the only cloud-native, real-time machine data analytics platform that provides Continuous Intelligence.

​We asked, and Ben answered:

What does your business do?

Sumo Logic is a cloud-native, machine data analytics platform that unifies logs, events, and performance metrics to provide full-stack and lifecycle visibility into modern applications — from code to end-user behaviors. Powered by machine-learning algorithms and graphical, visual dashboards, Sumo Logic turns unstructured, semi-structured, and structured data into real-time insights that enable organizations to improve their effectiveness, application performance, and security.

What compels your company to work with the government? What solutions do you provide?

Our mission is to democratize analytics, making it accessible, simple and powerful for businesses of all sizes to build, run and secure modern applications. Sumo Logic helps organizations move from the classic reactive posture to effectiveness and proactiveness by using the Sumo Logic platform. As government agencies move to the cloud, Sumo Logic can ease the transition with better visibility into cloud applications, across the multi-cloud environments, and on-premise to help quickly identify and troubleshoot problems to keep applications running smoothly.

What was your experience like inside of the program?

Wonderful! Their team provided great insight — everything from the knowledge they were able to share via their backgrounds and the relationships they brought to the table across Federal, FSI’s, partners, and other technologies

What was the most valuable take away? Anything that surprised you?

The most valuable takeaway for Sumo Logic was the partner week. We were able to grow some incredible relationships with folks that are looking to bring new technology to the Federal Government, as well as ones that will help us with current or future contracts.

What is your big vision for your company in government? What impact do you think you can have?

We want to be able to help Federal Agencies make the migration to the cloud by giving them the visibility into their infrastructure from day one, in a single service they don’t have to manage. We will be able to help them focus on the mission by cutting out the traditional care and feeding that today’s  on-premise data analytics tool requires.

What would you say to other tech companies who are considering participating in one of Dcode’s programs?

If you are looking to find a way to penetrate the Federal space, Dcode is a one-stop-shop to help you do so. Being able to build out Federalized marketing materials, speak with innovative partners, and connect with government clients (DoD, CIV, Intel) and Federal System Integrators of all sizes in a 3-week accelerated program can open up many doors, in addition to creating a Federal business plan.

How have technology partners like AWS helped your Federal business?

Our partnership with AWS has helped us build out our Federal program by mapping accounts and giving us guidance on what to prioritize early on; AWS will be an intricate technology partner for us. We have a great relationship with them from a corporate perspective, as we’re one of their top ISV’s and it’s become a great relationship on the private sector side as well.

In spite of the fact that Ben’s been working in the Federal space for a decade already, it’s clear that he and his team experienced some major benefits from participating in the Dcode Information Security 2018 program.

We are absolutely thrilled to be a part of their journey and look forward to a continued relationship with this amazing team of people.