with Dcode

Dcode Capital is an invitation-only network of angel investors, VCs, and technology and government legends who invest alongside Dcode in tech companies that can move our country forward.

Through Dcode’s access to both early- and growth-stage financing rounds, the Dcode Capital network will have exclusive opportunities to invest alongside some of the top venture capital funds.

To date, the Dcode Capital network has invested over $3 million in companies that are working with dozens of federal agencies and scaling in one of the last growth frontiers: the government market.


Our alumni companies can email to learn about working with Dcode as a strategic investor.

Dcode has unmatched access to both early- and growth-stage financing rounds of leading technology companies working with the government. These companies have proven success in the private sector and have made the strategic decision to expand their work in the federal market through Dcode Accelerate. 

Dcode Capital is an invite-only network of govtech leaders and legends who have established government security standards, worked with Congress to pass technology modernization bills, led major programs that address urgent national priorities, and invested in the top technologies in the world.

We pride ourselves in our vibrant member community and enjoy bringing everyone together. In addition to our investment calls, we host quarterly dinners for our members to meet and speak with executives from our investment portfolio and network as well as seminars and webinars on investment strategies.

    • Initial Diligence +

      As the “first money in” for all Dcode Capital raises, Dcode summarizes its own due diligence on each company in a confidential investment memo for Dcode Capital members.
    • Collaborative Diligence +

      Dcode Capital members convene to weigh in on the company and its prospects in the government, followed by a Q&A call with the company’s executives.
    • Decision-Making +

      Dcode Capital members can decide to invest (or pass) individually and unilaterally. All investments are made through Dcode Capital investment vehicles.
    • Growth +

      Once a company joins the Dcode Capital portfolio, members may choose to support the company’s growth in the federal market through their expertise, networks, and mentorship.

    Membership to Dcode Capital is by invitation only. Members must qualify as SEC Accredited InvestorsTo be an accredited investor, a person must have an annual income exceeding $200,000, or $300,000 for joint income, for the last two years with expectation of earning the same or higher income in the current year. A person is also considered an accredited investor if they have net worth exceeding $1 million, either individually or jointly with a spouse. and bring significant govtech experience and expertise to the table. To request an invitation, please fill out our application below.