Washington, D.C. – The US Government manages some of the largest technological systems in the world, and federal agencies are actively looking for new ways to leverage the cloud to improve their own operations, in addition to improving how they serve their citizens. Government agencies are increasingly moving to the cloud in an effort to facilitate the digital transformations that are required to remain competitive and capable of operating in this technologically advanced landscape.

On Thursday, August 23rd, Dcode closed out its latest cohort of enterprise & cloud companies with a reception and awards ceremony at the Alley event space in downtown DC.

Dcode, the leading federal technology accelerator, runs several accelerator programs each year that are designed to provide emerging tech companies with everything they need to navigate the federal procurement process and enter the government market with confidence.

“We are relentless in our belief that technology can and will improve the way our country runs, and we’re working to close the gap between government and private tech companies,” says CEO Meagan Metzger. “Our accelerators bring both sides together – it’s a win-win for everyone that gets involved in our community.”

The seven graduating businesses specializing in enterprise & cloud technologies are:  Fugue, GridGain, Hive, Iron, OneLogin, Saviynt, and Sitetracker.

The alumni are now fully equipped with the support they need to break into government and change the industry with their emerging technology. In addition to the strategic learning and development of the accelerator, Dcode’s networking and mentorship programs are second to none and help connect their companies to hundreds of agencies and potential corporate partners.

During last week’s ceremony, Dcode also announced the winners of the Dcode Government Innovation Awards, given to innovators across government and industry for their commitment to making government work better:

  • Luke McCormack

Luke is the former CIO of the Department of Homeland Security and is honored for his continued mentorship and advice across several Dcode cohorts.

  • Donna Roy, Kshemendra Paul, Tom McCarty, and the DHS IS2O team

Donna Roy is honored for her efforts leading the IS2O office and driving innovative cloud tech efforts across the Department of Homeland Security.

  • Kathleen Flynn, Carl Forde, and Quentin Sareminouri of Capgemini

Kathleen, Carl, and Quentin are recognized for their team’s work and engagement to drive innovation across government and bringing new technologies to market that disrupt the status quo.

What’s next for Dcode?

Now that the enterprise and cloud cohort has been closed off, Dcode has some exciting initiatives in the works.

Right now, they are in the middle of their Information Security accelerator, which is focused on working with companies in the security and privacy technology space. Next, they’ll be gearing up for the Space 2.0 accelerator program that kicks off the in the fall and are looking forward to working with a group of space technology companies who are planning on doing big things in government.

Dcode is always looking to expand their network, and connect with any potential mentors, partners, and accelerator participants. 

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