Since November 2018, Elise has been managing Dcode’s partnerships, bringing her wealth of experience to the table.

Prior to joining the Dcode family, Elise was the policy advisor to the D.C. Deputy Mayor of Greater Economic Opportunity, where she focused on economic development. She also served four years in the Obama Administration at NASA, where she worked as a special assistant to the NASA administrator and then as an international affairs advisor.

Elise is a big-picture thinker who’s passionate about gender equity, technology, and social impact, both at home and abroad. She enjoys finding ways to bring diverse (and sometimes contrary) elements together to create shared values and meaningful change. Elise loves traveling, a good work out class, and great food!

What attracted you to Dcode?

I was attracted to Dcode because of its unique mission. As someone from the policy world who focused on science and technology, I was accustomed to approaching problems through policy proposals or public polling. Dcode operates differently — we are leading the charge and bringing something special to the ecosystem that impacts government.

What makes Dcode special?

The people on the team are what make Dcode special. It’s a real honor to work with such intellectually curious people, who also likely to laugh and have fun. It’s unlike any environment I have ever worked in, and I am excited to be a part of it.

Why are partners so important for emerging tech in government?

Dcode’s strength lies in its various stakeholders and partners who support, bring new ideas, and connect with the tech companies we work with. Partners are vital for helping smaller companies shorten their federal go-to-market timelines, and partners benefit from our companies’ stellar and efficient tech solutions. As we grow, I look forward to expanding our partner program to also focus on diversifying the field.

What was the coolest job you had before this?

I used to work at NASA, which usually garners the reaction: “Were you an astronaut?” I was not, but I worked with a few. It was a meaningful experience that laid a great foundation for the work I am doing now.

What has been a big influence in your life, and how does that shape what you bring to work every day?

My grandmother, Eleanor, earned her masters from Meharry Medical College to become a medical technician at a time when most women and African Americans did not have the opportunity to pursue higher education, let alone in the science field. She always encouraged me to be adventurous and approach challenges with a smile. I bring this attitude to work every day.

What do you do to get pumped up?

I have to physically move around to get pumped up. Luckily, at Dcode we have frequent dance-offs and “planks-offs” if we need to get our energy up!

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