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Dcode PowerWeek: Advanced Digital

Dcode’s PowerWeek is an opportunity for gov and industry to meet with our venture- backed tech and explore the art of the possible.

Participating Tech Companies:

  • Aerospike is a Big Data Architecture company with a patented method of processing which makes their services much much faster than competitors for Real-Time and with vastly reduced architecture complexity and very high consistency. Funding: $78M
  • OmniSci offers a data analytics platform optimized for GPUs to handle data at size and scale. The OmniSci SQL engine dynamically compiles SQL to run across multiple GPUs and CPUs making it orders-of-magnitude faster than other systems, and allowing users to get answers from their data without waiting. OmniSci bridges the divide between traditional business intelligence tools (BI) and geographic information systems (GIS), making location intelligence a first-class citizen of big data analytics. Analysts can now ask questions of volumes of geospatial data to gain new location-insights. Funding: $92.1M
  • Streamsets is the developer of a multi-cloud DataOps platform for data integration, helping enterprises to continuously flow big, streaming and traditional data to their data science and data analytics applications. In particular, Streamsets’ platform fixes data drift (changes to data structure and infrastructure), which is critical for maintaining and scaling AI/data applications inside organizations. Funding: $76.2M
  • Trifacta helps customers more efficiently explore, transform, and join together diverse data for analysis, helping clean data for downstream analytics. Funding: $224M


  • Introductions – To start off the session, we’ll ask each gov/emerging tech participant to introduce themselves.
  • Breakout Sessions (15 mins each): We’ll break everyone out for a series speed-dating meetings where the government and industry leaders will meet one-on-one with each participating tech company. You’ll end up meeting about 5 companies each day.
  • Closing Discussion: Are there next steps for longer conversations or demos? We’ll capture them here.


May 27


01:00pm - 03:00pm


May 27, 2021
5:00 pm-7:00 pm UTC+0
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