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Dcode PowerWeek: Artificial Intelligence – FULL

Dcode’s PowerWeek is an opportunity for gov and industry to meet with our venture-backed tech and explore the art of the possible.

Participating AI Companies:

  • Catalytic automates organizations’ critical operations through AI-driven automation. They offer a SaaS platform that brings modern work bots to recurring business processes, allowing people to focus on higher value tasks while letting AI complete processes that computers can do more effectively. It supercharges customer teams by automating boring tasks to optimize processes intelligently. Funding: $41.5M
  • Hyperscience’s powerful, Machine Learning solution helps organizations quickly and accurately index and extract information from any document to feed structured data into downstream systems. The HyperScience technology helps reduce dependency on costly, manual processes. It also helps improve customer service and drive new business. Funding: $48.9M
  • Labelbox is an end-to-end platform to create and manage high-quality training data all in one place, while supporting your production pipeline with powerful APIs. Labelbox allows teams to convert unstructured image, text, video, and audio data into training data with parallelized labeling activities to curate training data for better modeling outcomes, all while remaining secure. Armed with model-based pre-labeling and active learning of real data instead of synthetic data, Labelbox allows for greater collaboration, automation, and security, reducing the burden on human labeling. Funding: $78.9
  • Premise offers a unique data collection capability, providing persistent access to areas of interest around the world through a dynamically re-taskable, global network of more than 2.6 million local data contributors. Premise offers an alternative to traditional data collection like time-intensive surveys or costly direct observation capture in the field, providing decision makers with high-quality, reliable data that can be used for sentiment analysis, infrastructure assessments, and direct observations. Funding: $146M
  • Uptake is an industrial AI software company that aims to help companies digitally transform with open, purpose-built software. Built around a foundation of data science and machine learning, Uptake’s core products include an Asset Performance Management application and a fully managed platform that enables companies to identify systems/equipment that are at risk of malfunctioning. Uptake’s technology is sensor agnostic and can analyze anything with gears or torque. Funding: $218M


  • Introductions – To start off the session, we’ll ask each gov/emerging tech participant to introduce themselves.
  • Breakout Sessions (15 mins each): We’ll break everyone out for a series speed-dating meetings where the government and industry leaders will meet one-on-one with each participating tech company. You’ll end up meeting about 5 companies each day.
  • Closing Discussion: Are there next steps for longer conversations or demos? We’ll capture them here.


April 27


01:00pm - 03:00pm


Apr 27, 2021
5:00 pm-7:00 pm UTC+0
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