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Dcode PowerWeek: AI and Cybersecurity – FULL

Dcode’s opportunity for gov to meet with our venture-backed tech and explore the art of the possible. In Partnership with Microsoft.

This specific event is for government participants and startups only. Check our event page for our other PowerWeek events if you’re an industry partner.

Tech Companies Participating:

  • HYAS enables enterprises to detect and mitigate cyber risks before attacks happen and identify the adversaries behind them. With HYAS’ exclusive data sources and non-traditional collection mechanisms, HYAS Protect and HYAS Insight keep enterprises safe, find attackers and fraudsters, and identify full attribution. HYAS allows enterprises to focus on the bad actors that are attacking them, not just their attacks, and change their entire security posture from reactive to proactive. Funding: $24.7M
  • Scale AI technologies are able to sift through extraordinary amounts of data and label with high precision and recall. Scales technology works to label data, ensuring that accuracy is above a certain threshold. Scale helps machine learning teams generate high-quality ground truth data. Our advanced LiDAR, video, and image annotation APIs allow self-driving, drone, and robotics teams to focus on building differentiated models vs. labeling data. Funding: $227.6M
  • Imandra‘s groundbreaking AI helps ensure the algorithms we rely on are safe, explainable and fair. Imandra is a cloud-scale automated reasoning system bringing rigor and governance to the world’s most critical algorithms. Funding: $7.6M
  • Trifacta provides software that helps individuals and organizations more efficiently explore, transform, and join together diverse data for analysis. Whether you’re working with files on a desktop, disparate data in the cloud, or within large-scale data lake environments, Trifacta will accelerate the process of getting data ready to use. Funding: $224M
  • 3Data is a data collaboration platform designed for IT Operations that uses machine learning to aggregate and correlate data from multiple data sources and disparate data silos. With 3Data, users and teams can visualize multiple dashboards or important information in one, unified virtual environment enabling them to make better, faster decisions in mission critical situations. We have found success with Cloud Management as a use case within government. Funding: $1.3M


  • Introductions – To start off the session, we’ll ask each gov/emerging tech participant to introduce themselves.
  • Breakout Sessions (15 mins each): We’ll break everyone out for a series speed-dating meetings where the government and industry leaders will meet one-on-one with each participating tech company. You’ll end up meeting about 5 companies each day.
  • Closing Discussion: Are there next steps for longer conversations or demos? We’ll capture them here.


April 28


01:00pm - 03:00pm


Apr 28, 2021
5:00 pm-7:00 pm UTC+0
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