Modern data is dynamic, meaning government agencies are working more and more with streaming data and not just static databases. Continually integrating data into an organized system is hard, but it’s also necessary if you want to build apps and functionality based on that data.

San Francisco-based startup StreamSets helps organizations send data to data scientists’ applications. StreamSets’ solution makes building and maintaining data pipelines much easier and keeps those pipelines running smoothly.

StreamSets has the industry’s first data operations platform that allows users to build batch and streaming data pipelines and protect data on the fly. The people working at StreamSets call themselves the “air traffic control of data.”

A former Cloudera engineer, Arvind Prabhakar, and a former Informatica product leader, Girish Pancha, realized they were both experiencing the exact same problem and founded StreamSets in 2014. The co-founders saw clearly that big data was breaking the traditional data integration model. Bringing a few other bright engineers aboard, StreamSets began developing a new way to integrate dataflows.

The StreamSets DataOps platform integrates flowing data from myriad batch and streaming sources to your modern analytics platforms.

Capabilities of the StreamSets DataOps platform include:

  • Integrating data at scale, quickly and easily across sources
  • Managing and mapping dataflows and pipelines through a simple interface
  • Protecting sensitive data
  • Collecting data from IoT sensors and edge servers

Government would benefit from the StreamSets DataOps platform because there is so much data there in need of better ways to capitalize on that. Old government interfaces and databases need a tech solution like the one StreamSets offers to improve efficiency.

StreamSets completed Dcode’s program focused on big data and advanced analytics to break into the federal market more effectively, and it just announced the first annual DataOps Summit in September 2019.

Expect big things from StreamSets.

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