A Gartner leader and one of Silicon Valley’s unicorns, ThoughtSpot developed an AI-driven analytics platform to make it easy for anyone to find answers in their company data. ThoughtSpot uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to provide a Google-like search experience for anyone asking a data question, instead of having to wait weeks for a data expert to create a dashboard or report.

ThoughtSpot’s product SpotIQ automatically uncovers anomalies, identifies leading indicators, isolates trends, and segments the data.

In just one example of its power, SpotIQ enabled a company to identify millions in fraud, an investigation so large it would have taken the risk management team weeks to uncover.

Check out the Dcode interview with ThoughtSpot:

What solution is ThoughtSpot bringing to the government?

The government makes important decisions affecting the lives of Americans every single day. By helping government agencies make better decisions through access to data, ThoughtSpot is doing our small part to improve the way the government operates.

Government agencies have wanted to be data-driven at every level, yet the realities of extracting insights from data meant this wasn’t always possible for every decision. Requiring an analyst to build a report or dashboard is simply too time-consuming.

With the overwhelming amount of both legacy data, as well as new forms of data being collected through IoT, sensors, etc., the challenge of making data-driven decisions is only increasing.

ThoughtSpot seeks to simplify this chaos by empowering every person with the ability to find insights and answer data questions. Our solution not only helps frontline decision-makers do their jobs more effectively on behalf of all of us but unshackles central data teams from the never-ending number of data requests, giving them the time they need to work on more complex data initiatives.

We are driven by our desire to help the government be more efficient and drive effective outcomes to support each agency’s mission. More rapidly leveraging the incredible data sets available can make our country more secure, provide better services to citizens, and drive better health outcomes around the country.

What impact can ThoughtSpot have in government?

In the last two decades, Google completely transformed the internet by making it accessible through search. Now, it’s the default paradigm for interacting with all our favorite consumer applications.

We expect data to be at the tips of our fingers, shaping our experiences and inspiring every facet of our personal lives — from where we eat, to what we watch, to how we get from point A to point B.

At ThoughtSpot, we want to deliver that same rich, data-driven experience to each government agency and department by bringing search and AI to analytics. By breaking the barriers to data access, we can improve efficiency and drive operational excellence, while inspiring creative solutions for the most pressing issues facing our country and global community.

For example, an acquisitions specialist may want to ask, “How many contracts have we awarded to SBVOSB vs. women-owned companies in the last three months?” Alternatively, a Squadron commander may need to know, “How many Farsi-speaking mechanical engineers do we have deployment-ready?”

ThoughtSpot can handle the terabytes of data required to answer questions arising at the frontlines, whether they’re operational or mission-focused, without sacrificing security or performance.

How has your perspective on government contracts changed?

Given that the ThoughtSpot federal team has been working with the government for many years, there weren’t too many surprises with regards to contracts. But the entire team was surprised to see so many government executives leaning into innovation. There was palpable, real interest in how new technology can support their agencies.

Have technology partners helped ThoughtSpot’s federal business?

ThoughtSpot runs in an AWS GovCloud environment today. The tech and SI partners are critical to any technology provider as they often have more direct knowledge of the government programs and can quickly identify if the agency they support might benefit from the innovations that Dcode is introducing into the market.

For new companies entering the federal market, if these partnerships are developed properly, they can become an additional set of eyes and ears for your sales team and help you scale much more rapidly into this market.

What was your experience working with Dcode like?

Dcode is an incredible program. Not only does Dcode help companies understand the nuances of government business and exposes them to the broad ecosystem of federal buyers, systems integrators, and technology partners. Dcode provides such a great way for the government to access innovation, which is otherwise challenging due to procurement laws.

Dcode provides a level of visibility into the federal sector that typically takes months, if not years, to develop. Dcode accelerates companies’ brand awareness and recognition, which is critical to getting started in the federal sector.

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