Meet the Trade & Travel Cohort

Trade & Travel’s inaugural accelerator program is focused on passenger screening and safety, an area more critical now than ever. As part of the program, Trade & Travel hosts dozens of meetings and events to bring together tech, industry, and government to collaborate — now virtually.


September 8th-10th and 23rd-25th, we’ll host several virtual group sessions to connect government and industry with startup leaders, and we hope you’ll be there! Can’t make it to one of these dates? Let us know you’re interested.



Meet with the Trade & Travel Companies to:
  • Bridge the gap between venture-funded technologies and your tech requirements in the trade and travel industries.
  • Demystify your company and the challenges you face for startups that are new to the industry.
  • Discover the art of the possible in terms of emerging technological innovation, particularly technologies helping to respond to the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Make meaningful connections to bring some of the world’s best tech in order to solve the critical passenger screening and safety problems we know you face each day.

What to Expect:

  • Introductions +

    We’ll ask each of you to introduce yourself, describe your program or agency, and discuss how you engage with tech or the problems you see that may be solved with emerging technologies.

  • Breakout Sessions +

    We’ll break everyone out for substantive conversations with startup leaders.

  • Closing Discussion + Afterwards +

    Are there technologies you met that could have an immediate impact on your company’s work? We hope you’ll come out of this session with concrete next steps to take back to your desk. The Trade & Travel team is here to help and can partner with you to go from a great idea to implementation and impact.

    We’re looking forward to seeing you. Book virtual time today.

  • Preview the Cohort +

    Bleenco Bleenco is a German AI startup that releases safety managers from their repetitive working processes by making sensors and interactive devices talk. They’ve helped various companies understand human behavior and enhance safety in public transportation, detect safety risks in hazardous environments, analyze vehicle-human distance in logistic zones, and track product flow in warehouses.
    Cleared4Work Chelsea Health’s Cleared4Work platform helps clients create and maintain safe workplaces and venues during pandemics, flu seasons, and other disease outbreaks. The company provides a physician-developed, automated workforce monitoring system that combines and integrates COVID-19 symptom self-assessment & monitoring with access control, contact tracing, testing, and sensible, discerning physical safeguard protocols.
    Koniku Koniku combines synthetic neurobiology with silicon to solve next-generation computational problems, and work with commercial partners to support agriculture, military, and security use cases, and is currently pursuing human clinical trials for its COVID-19 rapid diagnostic capability.
    Trueface Trueface has harnessed the powers of machine learning and artificial intelligence to transform camera data into actionable intelligence. Facial recognition, weapon detection and age verification technologies are all easily deployable on customers’ infrastructure, creating safer and smarter environments for customers, employees, guests and more.
    Whyline Whyline helps organizations empower their customers by letting them schedule visits, jump the line, and be notified when to arrive. Whyline can support the industry’s social distancing needs by helping to reduce the need to congregate or queue en mass.
    Xandar Kardian Xandar Kardian detects micro-vibrational patterns from humans through high-sensitivity radar. Xandar Kardian’s solutions can be used to detect human or other lifeform presence in restricted areas, identify overcrowding to enforce social distancing best practices, and support optimized travel throughput and movement.