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Entering and scaling in the federal market is painful, expensive, and risky for private sector tech companies. So, many steer clear. In failing to adopt commercial technology, the government wastes billions of dollars on maintaining outdated technology that doesn’t work well.

Enter Dcode.

Dcode became real the night that Meagan Metzger, founder and CEO, emailed 500 venture capitalists to say, “We can make the federal market easy for tech companies.” The response was overwhelming, and only one or two people told us to go away.

As Dcode’s acceleration program gained momentum and government leaders got involved to meet dozens of emerging tech companies, federal agencies began asking us to show their teams how to better bring in new solutions. Now, we also offer a full suite of solutions for both tech companies and government leaders.

We’re tackling the problem from both sides to advance government into the future, and we hope you’ll join our community. Mentor a tech company. Apply to our acceleration program. Bring innovation training to your organization. Keep up with our monthly newsletter, and enjoy our events that bring our community together.


Our Team

We have a combined 60+ years of government and tech startup experience, share praise in our #peoplewhodunkhard Slack channel, and take turns leading the monthly culture squad. We take the work of bringing new tech into government very seriously, but we definitely don’t take ourselves too seriously.
Meagan Metzger Chief Executive Officer
Megan Vorland Chief Strategy Officer
Phaedra Chrousos Board Advisor
Bob Scher Board Advisor
Shonneri Parker Executive Assistant
Nate Ashton Managing Director, Technology
Sarah Abonyi Program Associate, Accelerator
Mike Reagan Program Manager, Accelerator
Suren Nannapaneni Technology & Venture Lead
Julia Pan Program Associate, Accelerator
Garrett Custons Alumni Company Coordinator
Rebecca Gevalt Managing Director, Government
Riya Patel Program Manager, Government
Alex Suggs Shift Fellow
Roger Wong Program Manager, Training
Mary Beth Fiedler Marketing Associate
Clare Bennett Marketing & Communications


We’re always looking for passionate, driven people who aren’t afraid to test new ideas, take risks, and make a difference. Bring your own jet pack of motivation, strong organizational and analytical skills, and a big appetite for changing the game, and you’ll fit right in.

Check out our openings below, and if you don’t see one that fits what you do, use the Wild Card entry to let us know what you could bring to the table.

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