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Dcode Partners with NSIN to deliver NSIN Vector Accelerator
Washington, D.C., August 9, 2023 — Dcode, the premier advisory firm connecting the emerging tech industry and government to drive commercial innovation in the federal market, is proudly partnering with the National Security Innovation Network (NSIN) to facilitate the NSIN Vector program.  NSIN Vector is an opportunity for… Read More
Greater ownership is the key to bridging the Valley of Death
In this op-ed, Dcode CEO Meagan Metzger spoke with Rear Adm. Seiko Okano, who argues that culture and ownership are vital to scaling innovation. Note: this article was originally published in DefenseScoop Changing culture has been a vital facet of the federal innovation space from the very beginning. Read More
Why Startups Should Tap Into the Government Market for Funding
For startups that are typically reluctant to work with the government, there are plenty of reasons to seek federal grants and contracts. Note: this article was originally published at BuiltIn In many respects, startups embody the American way. If you’re not building something bold with… Read More