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Sarah Abonyi promoted to Chief Operating Officer

December 20, 2022 / Ted Goudie

Washington, D.C., December 19, 2022 — Dcode, the premier advisory firm connecting the emerging tech industry and government to drive commercial innovation in the federal market, today proudly announced the promotion of Sarah Abonyi to Chief Operating Officer (COO).

Abonyi has shaped every business line at Dcode since joining Dcode in 2019, including directing the product roadmap and propelling strategy for the organization. “Sarah brings an incredible set of both tactical and visionary skills that have made huge impacts across the company since the earliest days of Dcode,” said Chief Strategy Officer Meg Vorland. “She is a passionate voice and problem solver to drive outcomes for our community.”

Through Sarah’s leadership, Dcode quickly became the industry leader for virtual delivery, supporting tech companies and the US government globally to work together and drive innovation forward. She also led the development and growth of Dcode’s robust community platform, Nexus, where tech and government learn, collaborate, and problem-solve. 

“Sarah is a force”, said Dcode Chief Executive Officer Meagan Metzger. “We made the decision to promote Sarah into the COO role to drive us even faster towards our goals and capitalize on the amazing growth we are experiencing. She is the epitome of operational excellence.”

In her new role as COO, Abonyi will take primary responsibility for accelerating company operational performance and will lead and scale the company’s core divisions, including customer success, product, and marketing.  “Since day one, Dcode has been a driving force of innovation in the government, helping the government solve some of their toughest challenges and helping tech companies navigate the complex world of acquisitions. I’m excited to join the C-Suite to help build upon Dcode’s successes, optimize our business, and really help the government change the way it runs,” Abonyi said. 

About Dcode

Dcode drives commercial innovation in the federal market by connecting the tech industry and government. Dcode solutions for tech companies, government organizations, and industry partners are all designed to improve the way government runs, using commercially-proven products and practices from the private sector.

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