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How To Engage Nontraditional Tech
It’s hard to get emerging tech to engage with government solicitations. Once you’ve scoped your organization's problem sets and tech needs, here are some ways to tech scout like an investor, market like an accelerator, and engage with the right tech that can improve mission outcomes.
How To Guide Government Innovation from Within
Government innovation efforts may look different in 2021. The good news is that federal agencies can learn from those that have done it before as well as private sector partners focused on federal. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here.
Dcode Alumni SBIR Round-Up
The SBIR program is designed to encourage small businesses to go after federal contracts — it’s highly competitive nature and phasing purposely created to spur innovation. Read about the Dcode alumni with SBIRs and how to work with them.
Emerging Tech Supporting the Government Response to the SolarWinds Hack
The same way many emerging tech companies answered the call to help the government respond to the Covid-19 crisis, these fully Vetted for Federal™ alumni companies are using their tech to help the government maintain communication continuity, identify malicious software, and uncover new information related to the breach.
Connecting Tech & Gov from Home
Dcode’s unique position at the intersection of tech, government, and industry partners meant we were able to help when federal agencies and tech companies needed it most.
Wickr Is the Way to Communicate Securely
Infamous data breaches like Equifax in 2017 and company abuses of data like Snapchat in 2019 highlighted the significant risks posted by inadequate security protocols. These incidents have illustrated the value of tools like Wickr, a secure, end-to-end encrypted collaboration platform delivering to the enterprise and federal sectors with world-class security and compliance capabilities.
Building the Government a Passwordless Foundation
by George Avetisov, HYPR CEO Passwordless technology is picking up steam in the private sector. Microsoft reports that as of 2020 — on their Windows platform alone — more than 150 million people per month are using passwordless methods. In the last 12 months alone, more… Read More