Dcode GovHub Fellowship

For government leaders looking to gain a fresh perspective on how to drive change, learn private sector best practices around innovation, and transform the way government does business.

Dcode’s unique position at the intersection of government, technology, venture capital, and industry offers GovHub Fellows an immersive experience working in a startup dedicated to bringing the best emerging technologies into government missions. Dcode Fellows will work with Dcode alumni companies as well as our VC and industry partners to learn what it’s like working with government from the other side.

Dcode Fellows will leave with:

  • Industry best practices on how to drive a culture of innovation in an organization
  • A wealth of knowledge on how nontraditional tech companies and venture capital operate
  • First-hand experience on what it takes to get cutting edge tech into government missions


  • Motivated and energetic civilian or military leaders (minimum five years working in government)
  • Record of strong accomplishments and involvement in the federal innovation ecosystem
  • You have the support of your home office; salary and other costs are not covered by Dcode
  • Full-time Dcode Fellows will work in our offices in Washington, D.C.

Apply Now:

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