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Government organizations trust Dcode to train them on innovative business and acquisition practices, the emerging tech landscape, and how to scale solutions and advance their mission. Dcode also offers federal agencies premier tech scouting and customized accelerators to solve critical challenges through commercial technology.

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Our 3- and 4-day training provides government leaders with the foundational knowledge needed to develop and evaluate ideas, launch those ideas into execution and scale, and tap into a broader network of innovators.

  • Understand the emerging technology landscape and identify technologies to implement today

  • Learn how to effectively scope and deliver prototypes in 2-3 months

  • Develop a clear understanding of how to leverage your workforce, change culture, and utilize resources to be more forward-leaning

  • Learn the procurement process for rapid adoption of tech through acquisition waivers, OTAs, and other existing authorities

  • Engage with private sector technology leaders and venture capital firms to understand how to innovate and collaborate successfully

  • Become a member of our exclusive alumni network which includes:

    • A community platform online for all the hundreds of Dcode training alumni with discussion forums, webinars, and new opportunities

    • Access and personal introductions to Dcode’s alumni portfolio of tech companies that we have vetted and prepared for the federal market

    • Streamlined support in working with Dcode alumni companies

Federal agencies work with Dcode to identify and attract emerging tech solutions that can best support their missions. To date, we have identified and vetted 10,000+ innovative product companies across 11 technology areas and four continents.

  • We connect the government to emerging tech companies, validate tech solutions for government needs, and drive results through prototyping and piloting.

  • We leverage the Dcode network of hundreds of venture capitalists, champions, startup hubs, and corporate partners.

  • Our dedicated tech and research experts identify top commercially viable technologies per scouting period.

The Dcode accelerator model promises to complement and improve government modernization efforts, taking tech past prototypes and over the government valley of death. Our process is well-defined and repeatable, and we can go from award to implementation in under 6 months with only limited staff resources from the federal organization side.

  • Selects cutting-edge technologies that are the right fit for federal agencies with over 100 active implementations of Dcode scouted and vetted technologies across government.

  • Focuses its premier federal market accelerator on emerging technology areas including cybersecurity, space tech, analytics, and artificial intelligence, and more.

  • Helps tech companies win contracts and scale across key government innovation hubs including Project Maven, DIU, In-Q-Tel, the DHS Silicon Valley Innovation Program, AFWERX, SOFWERX, and more.

  • Has a deeply experienced team full of experts who have built government-facing companies from the ground up and helped over 70 tech companies navigate government contract negotiations, making the market less risky for both the tech companies and federal agencies.

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