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Dcode’s GovHub is the central place government leaders get started with tech innovation. You can ask us anything about government innovation, connect with other federal leaders, and engage with emerging tech, VCs, and industry partners to move the government forward.

Dcode has connected 2,500+ government innovators, and we’ve driven 200+ implementations of new commercial tech across federal agencies.

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The first step is to simply ask! We engage with innovation leads, agency technologists, program and contracts teams conducting market research, and anyone interested in emerging tech and government innovation on a wide range of opportunities including:

/ Connecting with our portfolio of 100+ emerging tech companies that match your problem statements

/ Meeting other government leaders working on the same challenges or tech subject matter experts who’ve seen government problem sets like yours

/ Attending Dcode events with our awesome community

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Public Private Partnerships

Work with a dedicated resource at Dcode.

Dcode’s Public Private Partnership (P3) provides government organizations with access to dedicated support anytime, giving your organization the flexibility to have someone with the tech knowledge on hand to answer questions. Plus, our P3 gives federal agencies the chance to contribute to a shared knowledge base for all government organizations.

Our Programs

Ready to tackle big challenges?

For government organizations that are ready for more, bring us on contract to hit the ground running and scale innovation efforts. Federal agencies trust Dcode to train them on innovative business and acquisition practices, the emerging tech landscape, and how to scale solutions and advance their mission.

Dcode also offers federal agencies premier tech scouting and custom accelerators to solve critical challenges through commercial technology. Dcode is a woman-owned small business SBIR winner with a BPA with the Department of Defense.


  • Dcode Advance +

    Dcode Advance is a foundational course on innovation in government, showing leaders how to apply entrepreneurial, startup methods and best practices to government processes and challenges. Learn to develop and evaluate ideas from an end-user perspective, launch those ideas into execution and scale, and tap into a massive community of innovators.
  • Dcode Sustain +

    Dcode Sustain is a direct follow-on course to Dcode Advance. If Dcode Advance covers how to innovate like an entrepreneur, Dcode Sustain focuses on evaluating solutions and technologies like an investor. Learn to assess a vendor pitch, proposal, MVP, prototype, or solution like a venture capital investor.
  • Dcode Procure +

    Dcode Procure is our course for acquisitions-focused professionals looking to better understand and execute rapid, innovative procurement methods. Dcode Procure covers FAR and non-FAR contracting methods, effective solicitation structure and marketing, and working relationships between innovation enablers and operators.
  • Dcode Eureka +

    Dcode Eureka is a one-day training for government leaders looking to implement specific technology solutions in support of their missions. Dcode Eureka topics include but are not limited to AI/ML, cybersecurity, 5G, data analytics, 3D printing, and devops.

Tech Engagements

  • Tech Matchmaking +

    Select technologies that are vetted for government and matched to specific use cases. Develop highly curated matchmaking sessions with technology companies and mission owners. Host training sessions for the government on how to move forward quickly with successful matches to ensure technology companies can get on contract and into mission.
  • Tech Scouting & Vetting +

    Leverage Dcode’s network of hundreds of VCs, accelerators, evangelists, and subject matter experts to identify and evaluate emerging technology for government fit as well as technical and business viability. Find solutions from a wide range of technology areas like AI/ML, data analytics, cloud solutions, and cybersecurity that will succeed beyond pilots and can scale to programs of record.
  • VC 101 +

    VC 101 is for anyone in government interested in understanding VC or working on innovation initiatives. We cover how the venture capital community operates and assesses risk and how the government can best work with VCs to ensure top tech companies can support federal missions.
  • Government Accelerators +

    Agencies often want to work with tech companies that have no idea how to work with the government. Dcode solves that problem every day by bridging the cultural and knowledge divide between government and the private sector to get the right tech into missions fast.


Learn by working at Dcode.

Dcode’s fellowship program enables our government partners to learn by doing. Fellows learn firsthand how to engage emerging tech companies to gain unique insight into the difficulties they face when trying to work with the government. Fellows also learn about venture capital and the valuable steps the government can take to work with the U.S. innovation base. You’ll leave Dcode more prepared to affect change, bridge the cultural divide, and get the right cutting-edge tech solutions into mission.

Dcode’s fellowship program is open to government officials across DoD and civilian agencies. This is no ordinary fellowship. Click here to learn more.

Meet our Government Advisory Board

We’ve assembled the best of the best.

These leaders have been in your shoes and can provide advice, lessons learned, and connections to support your innovation efforts.

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