Trade and travel companies...

… need emerging tech, but breaking into these industries is hard. That’s why Dcode and Pangiam teamed up to accelerate tech companies that can help trade and travel leaders solve the most critical industry and global challenges today. Up first: passenger screening and safety.

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Up First

The coronavirus outbreak reveals an urgent need for passenger screening tech that can mitigate the impact of global crises and support the travel industry’s ability to adapt safely and swiftly. Airlines, airports, cruise lines, sports venues, and governments are seeking emerging technology to enhance passenger screening security, safety, and speed.

We’ll work with 
you to:
  • 1. Understand emerging technology and security trends in the trade and travel industries, with a focus on passenger screening and safety
  • 2. Identify opportunities and use cases for your tech, based on the needs and requirements of major multinationals and governments
  • 3. Develop effective go-to-market strategies based on dozens of 1-1 meetings and group networking with the world’s leading companies to jump-start your business development and prototyping
  • 4. Build a coalition of proven go-to-market partners that complement your technology and allow you to provide a more holistic solution to global safety and security challenges
  • 5. Drastically reduce your time to revenue and mission impact

How We Do It

  • Challenge Areas +

    Trade & Travel runs cohorts focused on specific challenges — such as passenger and cargo screening, passenger experience, identity management, and sustainability-focused logistics — and selects the best tech companies that apply to participate.

  • Market Strategy +

    Our experts support the development of your trade and travel public crisis use cases, messaging, pipeline strategy, contracting and pricing, security and compliance, marketing, and more.

  • Expert Support +

    During the program’s virtual weeks, you’ll receive weekly one-on-one advisory support from Dcode and Pangiam, as well as webinars with industry experts to give you key tools to understand industry needs, identify opportunities, and engage effectively.

  • Premier Networking +

    You’ll meet one-on-one with over 50 key stakeholders and decision makers across the government and trade and travel industries, as well as potential channel partners, to jumpstart your engagement with the industry regarding public emergency use cases and in general.

  • Manageable Schedule +

    Recognizing your busy schedule and the urgency of coronavirus, we fit our programming into 8 weeks, the majority of which is virtual. The in-person weeks are packed with business development and networking events in DC, London, and our partners’ home cities.

  • Alumni Community +

    After completing the acceleration program, you’ll become a member of Trade & Travel’s alumni community, with exclusive access for two years to:

    • Invites to events with trade and travel industry leaders
    • Perks and discounts through industry partners
    • Access to the Dcode and Pangiam trade, travel, emerging tech, and government networks
    • A dedicated team to answer questions as you work to win trade and travel deals

Our Community

The Trade & Travel community includes hundreds of experts and leaders from:

Meet the emerging tech companies:


Find out if your tech company is right for the Trade & Travel acceleration program.


  • Dcode +

    Dcode has worked with nearly 100 tech companies, driving more than 200 implementations of their solutions into government and millions in new revenue — we know how to help technologies enter new and complex markets effectively. Visit us at

  • Pangiam +

    Pangiam is a public-private partnership company creating a network of industry partners aimed at revolutionizing the future of operations, security, and safety at airports, seaports, and land border crossings through the use of emerging technology. As a team of customs and security professionals with over 50 years of experience at senior levels of the U.S. government, Pangiam has an intimate understanding of the security, facilitation, and disaster response challenges and aspirations of governments and industry leaders around the world. Learn more at

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