Virtual Government Training

Dcode has gone virtual.


We connect the tech industry and government to solve critical challenges through commercial innovation. Given increased teleworking, we’re offering live training courses and other programs virtually for government leaders so we can continue working together while prioritizing the health of our community.

The easiest way to purchase our offerings is through Dcode’s DoD-wide BPA or General Purchase Card (GPC). Groups of seats can be purchased under the GPC threshold. Let us know if you have any questions at — we’re here to help.


Virtual Training for Government 

Course Days Designed for What you’ll learn
Dcode Advance 3 Senior to mid-level officers looking to hack bureaucracy to bring tech into their missions How to scope problems, run innovative procurement, change culture, and measure success
Dcode Procure 2 Acquisitions-focused professionals, or those who work closely with them, looking to execute rapid procurement methods FAR and non-FAR contracting methods and how to support the work between innovation enablers
Dcode Eureka AI 1 Senior to mid-level officers managing AI initiatives or interested in leveraging AI in government programs How to identify AI opportunities, scope problem sets, set strong technical foundations, and overcome bureaucratic barriers
Venture Capital 101 1/2 Anyone in government interested in understanding VC or working on innovation initiatives How VC operates and assesses risk, and how the government can best work with VC to ensure top tech companies can support federal missions



Connect with Tech Virtually  

Program Designed for Description
Problem Mapping, Refinement, and Translation Program managers or substantive end users wanting to dig into specific use cases or hone several use cases to better engage the private sector How to identify, prioritize, and scope use cases in a way that leads to finding innovative commercial tech solutions
Roundtables with nontraditional tech companies Program managers or substantive end users interested in assessing top emerging technology companies for specific use cases Dcode will host virtual sessions to match government use cases with tech companies we’ve vetted specifically for government and manage highly curated roundtable sessions (plus, how to navigate procurement and finance to get tech solutions in the door and scale)




While you’re here, check out our free virtual sessions for government.