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SecurityScorecard is Here to Get your Cybersecurity in Shape

October 8, 2020 / Dcode

SecurityScorecard can instantly rate the cybersecurity health of any organization in the world, enabling them to see what a hacker sees. A global leader in cybersecurity ratings, SecurityScorecard helps organizations easily find and fix cybersecurity risk across their externally facing digital footprint, making them more resilient. The easy-to-understand A to F rating system makes it easy for non-technical audiences to quickly assess and communicate cyber risk.

SecurityScorecard has built the most expansive data set for rating cybersecurity. With over a million companies continuously monitored, SecurityScorecard has 5 times more companies than its competitors. In addition, SecurityScorecard is the only platform that offers every company unlimited access to their own scorecard for free, giving every organization the opportunity to understand and improve their cyber health.

Thousands of organizations around the world across all industries leverage SecurityScorecard daily to monitor over 250,000 unique companies. In the commercial market, SecurityScorecard works with customers in finance, insurance, healthcare, retail, technology and enterprise to ensure visibility into third-party cyber health, discover weaknesses from the outside in, maintain compliance, and more. SecurityScorecard already helps organizations in highly-regulated industries like finance and healthcare ensure their cybersecurity health is top-notch, providing vital verification of not only internal security, but also the security health of third-party vendors. With SecurityScorecard, organizations can lower their risk and build more trust with customers or citizens who rely on their services.

In the federal market, SecurityScorecard can protect agencies and ensure they are working with partners who are secure, too. SecurityScorecard can also help by:

Self-monitoring security health

SecurityScorecard can help government agencies keep an eye on their cybersecurity health and keep in tip-top shape by efficiently validating and remediating security issues. Government organizations like Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA), Office of Management and Budget (OMB), Department of Homeland Security (DHS), and more require airtight security — and being able to self-monitor keeps agencies like these a step ahead.

Third-party risk monitoring & compliance

SecurityScorecard doesn’t just tell your agency about its own health, they can help you discover the risks of third-party vendors and partners you’re working with, too. With the largest database of continuously rated organization, you can have full visibility into your entire ecosystem and ensure the vendors you work with are fully compliant with government standards.

Stakeholder reporting

When you need to demonstrate the cyber health of your agency and ecosystem, SecurityScorecard provides the most reliable results and can generate instant reports that help communicate your cybersecurity strategy, strengths, and improvements over time.

SecurityScorecard honed their federal go-to-market strategy through Dcode’s acceleration program. After graduating, SecurityScorecard is ready to help agencies and programs get into top cybersecurity shape.

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