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The U.S. government spends tens of billions of dollars on tech each year, yet still struggles to find the best emerging tech companies. For tech companies, entering and scaling in the federal market is expensive, time intensive, and risky.

Dcode works with both the tech industry and government to bring top tech onto contract and into government missions. Our acceleration program provides private sector tech companies of all stages and sizes a simpler, faster, and more streamlined way to scale in the federal market.

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Hundreds of tech companies have become Vetted for Federal™ through Dcode Accelerate, connecting with our government community and customers, cutting time to revenue, and driving hundreds of new tech implementations and millions in federal contracts. You’ll be in good company.

Dcode for Tech:

You're going to want to learn more about how to equip your company to work with the largest buyer of tech in the world.

  • Select Top Tech +

    We review applications on a rolling basis to accept the most promising emerging tech companies and assess the right level of support for each company’s stage. Dcode experts then work hand-in-hand with selected tech companies to make sure they are Vetted for Federal™ and ready to meet Dcode’s government network.
  • Company-Wide Support +

    Companies succeed in this complex market when they take a holistic approach. That’s why our educational content and advisory services include specialized tracks for the c-suite, sales, marketing, and engineering teams.
  • Our Platform +

    We manage the acceleration program on our own platform, Nexus, so you have one place to access the curriculum and engage with Dcode experts as well as the broader community.
  • Manageable Schedule +

    Our flexible educational content is on-demand to fit your busy schedule and save you from googling down a rabbit hole, and our experts work with companies to develop a tailored schedule of support with biweekly or monthly check-ins. All companies must commit to at least 9 months to start seeing real results.
  • Business Development +

    Meet key decision makers across government and potential channel partners to jumpstart or build your market presence and pipeline. Dcode’s companies benefit from our trusted position with both government and systems integrator partners.
  • Advisory Services +

    You’ll receive one-on-one advisory support from the Dcode team and weekly live, virtual sessions with Dcode and industry experts to guide your federal strategy. We'll cover how to match your tech with government use cases, price and market your tech effectively, develop channel and direct sales strategies, and manage those painful security and compliance requirements.
  • Community +

    Ever wonder if there are other CEOs and sales teams suffering through the unique complexities of the federal market like you are? There most certainly are, and we bring you all together. Our companies learn from us and each other, often working together on government opportunities.
  • Policy Support +

    Dcode’s emerging tech trade association advocates for key policy proposals and reforms to bring the best commercial innovation to government missions. Companies accepted into levels 2 and 3 can become members.
  • Funding Opportunities +

    Dcode Capital is our invitation-only network of angel investors, VCs, and technology and government experts who invest alongside Dcode in tech companies that can move our country forward. Companies accepted into levels 2 and 3 are reviewed for a potential investment.
  • Tailored Tiers +

    We offer three tiers of support so we can meet your company where you are, at your stage of growth and experience in the federal market. Once you apply, our team will work with you to identify which tier is the best fit for your company's needs.