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Amp Human Can Help Tactical Athletes Achieve Peak Performance

January 10, 2020 / Dcode

Athletes suffer through the gastrointestinal distress that ingesting bicarb, a natural electrolyte, causes to reap performance benefits of increased endurance and less muscle fatigue. Enter Amp Human.

In the words of Amp Human’s founders, its product gives the human body what it needs to be in its best state by delivering substances through the skin. Amp Human is all about discovering the limitations of the human body and using knowledge and science to go beyond them.

Amp Human’s on-market product uses sodium bicarbonate, or bicarb, more commonly known as baking soda. Amp Human’s technology solves the issue of GI distress by delivering the simple electrolyte bicarb to muscles through a topical solution.

Amp Human’s commercial product, PR lotion, is already helping professional athletes and amateurs maximize their performance and enhance their recovery so they can work harder for longer. The athletic use case translates to the tactical athletes throughout the Department of Defence (DoD) and federal law enforcement agencies like the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). PR lotion can help federal agencies such as DoD and DHS take care of the most valuable machine they have: the human body.

A great use case for Amp Human is special operations, where tactical athletes need to be at peak performance. With the technology of PR lotion, Amp Human has a way to aid recovery and improve performance, increasing the number of back to back days tactical athletes can be at their peak.

To get ready to enter the federal market, Amp Human came to Dcode. Amp Human needed knowledge and government connections fast. In 10 weeks with Dcode, Amp Human developed a solid foundation and a framework to help interact with the government confidently.

As recent graduates of the health tech cohort, Amp Human is looking forward to the benefits of the Dcode community of fellow alumni companies, industry partners, and government leaders. With new valuable and useful connections, Amp Human is equipped to navigate the federal market successfully.

So after 10 weeks, what advice does Amp Human have for other companies?

“If you play the long game there are great rewards. The federal market is an investment in your future,” shares CEO Jeff Byers.

Having worked with Amp Human to hone its federal strategy, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for its tech solution in the government.

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