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The U.S. government spends tens of billions of dollars on tech each year, yet still struggles to
find the best emerging tech companies. Industry partners and systems integrators are in a unique position to drive innovation in government, but understanding government’s specific innovation and identifying the right nontraditional technologies needs are easier said than done.

Systems integrators and other firms that can integrate better commercial and nontraditional technologies onto federal contracts will drive real government innovation and win in this shifting landscape.

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Ways to Work Together:

Find the right nontraditional tech companies.

Dcode has scouted and vetted hundreds of the best nontraditional, venture-backed tech companies that can move our country forward. We equip tech companies to win in the federal market, driving hundreds of new implementations of commercial technology in government and hundreds of millions in federal contracts. Our partners unlock access to these companies to assess the art of the possible and find teaming partners.


Join Dcode’s invite-only community networking platform, Nexus, to quickly and easily connect with Dcode’s portfolio of nontraditional tech companies. You can find teaming partners and explore the art of the possible.


Tech Scouting
Not seeing what you need in Nexus? Dcode will identify and evaluate new emerging tech for government fit and technical and business viability for your specific needs.


Dcode will curate matchmaking sessions to connect you with the right tech companies, strengthening your position as an innovation leader in the federal market.


Dcode’s Accelerate program teaches venture-backed tech companies everything they need to know to be successful in the federal market. Partners can sponsor companies through our program to help drive wins through your own ecosystem and contract vehicles.  

Drive government innovation.

Dcode works with SIs to facilitate innovative, outcome-based solutions and avoid business as usual. Industry partners can leverage Dcode’s government advisory services to incorporate capabilities such as tech scouting and vetting, tech engagement and outreach, and innovative acquisition strategy into your proposal responses and delivery.


Innovation Assessment
Dcode provides an assessment tool that measures how innovative and forward-leaning a vendor’s proposed solution is for a government need. The assessment offers ways to  improve innovation in a vendor’s delivery of government work and better position the vendor as an innovation thought leader.


Innovation Training
Dcode provides training to industry partners and commercial service providers on how to work with the federal government and emerging technologies across the innovation life cycle. Dcode’s training addresses how to:
1/ Connect with government problems owners
2/ Frame problems and develop MVPs
3/ Engage with nontraditional suppliers

Partner with Dcode on federal opportunities.

Dcode has a full suite of government advisory services that can give your current federal projects and proposal responses a competitive edge. We offer: 

/ access to a vetted portfolio of innovative tech

/ tech scouting

/ our accelerator to equip tech for federal

/ innovation training for government leaders

/ support on federal innovation governance and prioritizing innovation efforts


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