Apollo 8. The Hubble Telescope. The Viking. Historically, some of the biggest advances in space exploration came from the innovations of the U.S Government. But space is no longer the sole domain of governments. From reusable rockets to Nano satellites, the private sector is outpacing the federal government in space tech.

Agencies like NASA, the DOD and NOAA are on a mission to find the best space tech in the market. Here at Dcode, our mission is to help space startups like yours break down those barriers and have the tools to get your tech into government agencies.

We are thrilled to announce we are now accepting applications for our Space 2.0 accelerator, which kicks off this October. We only accept 6-10 startups and the deadline is August 28, 2018.

Want to know what you’ll be getting yourself into? Hear what recent alumni Monica McEwen, VP of MapD’s Federal division, had to say after participating in our program. 


Dcode is the government industry’s foremost meeting point for emerging tech and government. By joining forces, we can ensure the government has the tech it needs to lead the modern day space race.

The government doesn’t need to feel like it’s from another planet. Over the course of our 6-week Space 2.0 accelerator program, participants will receive training, mentorship, go-to-market strategic support, and the opportunity to network with hundreds of federal and industry leaders. You’ll learn how to “go government,” partner with aerospace players, meet compliance regulations, and much more.

Our program will give you what you need to launch your business into the US Government.

Join our impressive list of alumni companies breaking the code and changing the game in government. Apply today!


  • Launch & Downstream
  • Next Generation Satellites
  • Ground & Mission Control
  • Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning
  • Data Analytics & Geospatial
  • Communications & Navigation
  • Imaging & Object Tracking
  • Augmented & Virtual Reality
  • High Performance & Quantum Computing
  • Robotics


Our passion and purpose are taking new technology to government. We’ve helped more than 50 businesses develop marketing strategies, accelerate timelines, and achieve stability when selling to the federal government.

In the past 18 months alone, our alumni have won more than $40 million in government contracts. Our accelerator program will give your business the tools, resources, and network necessary to succeed in such a regulated market.

What are you waiting for? Apply today! 

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